Meet Our Founder

Nicole F. Lee

Nicole Lee is an entrepreneur and Property Management Professional. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Nicole attended Baltimore City and County Public Schools.  She is a successful graduate of Parkville Senior High School, home of the Mighty Knights, located in Baltimore County.

Nicole has managed multi-million dollar communities in the state of Maryland for notable management companies such as Home Properties and United Dominion Realty Trust Inc. She has received acknowledgement for increasing rent potential and net operating income, as well as successfully overseeing the budgeting and interior renovations for more than 900 units in Baltimore County. 

After 15 years in property management, Nicole saw where her experience in property management would be better served in the community from which she came. As the youngest of four children to a single mother living in Perkins Projects, she witnessed the hardships of inadequate housing as well as the effects that low income and being under skilled can have on a family struggling to survive in today’s economy. Harriet Ruth Inc. was created.

Founded in 2015, Harriet Ruth Inc. is a nonprofit organization that trains minority citizens of Baltimore City in the areas of construction and home renovation. Through its partnerships with local construction companies, a two-year apprenticeship program is offered to provided training to approximately 20 young residents per year in the areas of Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC and Roofing. At the completion of the program, the apprentices are provided an opportunity to purchase the homes that they helped renovate. Homes not purchased by the graduates are presented back to the public for sale or rental as affordable housing. 

Nicole believes that equipping Baltimore citizens with marketable skills and showing them how to invest in their communities will create a sense of pride, determination, and inspiration to sustain their communities. In addition to the workforce development mission, Harriet Ruth, through its community partnerships, provides credit counseling and financial planning services to the young men and women of this program.

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